Top 5 Best Nature and Landscapes Short Videos In 2022

Nature is one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring sources of beauty in the world. From the majestic mountains to the crystal-clear lakes, there are tons of nature short clips in the Pepul app which have the power to inspire us and bring us joy. Here, we will explore some of the amazing ways nature can bring us beauty, happiness, and solace with the help of the following best nature short videos in 2022.

Here are the best nature short videos to watch in 2022!

1) Little Drops of Rain


The little drops of rain shared by the creator @Ramesh_VR in their video remind us of the beauty of nature that we often take for granted. The way the little drops of rain falling from the sky to reach the ground, each drop seemingly suspended in time, is just mesmerizing, calming and magical. Check it out!


Whether you are an avid nature lover or simply need a moment to relax, this video by the creator @deepsjphotography will provide you with the perfect opportunity to do so. Those dazzling sunset wonders create a moment for us to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, sweet little things in life and evoke good old memories.


Nothing can compare to the beauty of this lush green hills video by the creator @satish7 which brings a sense of peace and awe, as the green trees sway in the cold breeze. The vibrant hues of the landscape, combined with the beautiful background song creates a calming atmosphere that can transport the viewers to a faraway place of beauty and serenity. Check it out!

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This calming and captivating video of crystal-clear blue water is by creator @Saswat___video___editor, one of the nature creators in the Pepul app. This video capturing the close-up shots of the under-water soft waves is a perfect way to appreciate the finest beauty created by our mother nature. Check out the video in the Pepul app!


How would it feel like to live on top of a mountain all alone but with the nature? This video by the creator @nagaraj13 is a beautiful aerial view of individual house right on top of the mountains captured by the drones. It is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. From the birds’ eye perspective, the surrounding landscape takes on a new level of beauty and awe of the nature giving us a visual treat.

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