Top 5 Best Motivational Short Videos In 2022

Are you looking for some motivation? Right from the morning workout routine to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, sometimes all we need is motivation. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring story to keep you motivated or advice on how to stay motivated through difficult times here are the top 5 best motivational short videos in 2022 in the Pepul app to help you reflect on your life.

Here are the best motivational short videos in 2022

1) Overcoming worries in life


This video by @rj.tholza is about dealing with worries in life and problematic people. The best way to handle it is by first recognizing that worries and negative people are a part of life and that it is okay to feel overwhelmed. Once this is accepted, it can be easier to move forward in a healthy way in our life. Check out what the creator has to say about overcoming it in the video!


This video by @Keerthiya signifies the magic of the law of attraction in one’s life. The law of attraction is a magical force that has the power to manifest one’s deepest desires, and dreams. It helps one to attract what one wants in life. By using the power of intention, visualization, and positive affirmations, the creator reveals how one can attract this law of attraction in one’s life.


This video by @inthumathi_natarajan tells how encouraging someone to achieve their dreams can be one of the best gifts that you can give. Reminding them that anything is possible and supporting them to make their dreams a reality is bliss. Being positive, encouraging, and a source of strength is far better when compared to discouraging them.

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This video by @iamabiofficial49 proves that happiness is not something which can be found outside but it is in creating on your own. Practising the habits for a happy life is essential to living a life filled with joy and contentment. Check out the video to unlock the 6 must-follow habits and make them part of your daily routine to feel more fulfilled and have more joy in your life.


This video by @mouras_thoughts is about applying lessons from failures to achieve great success in your life. Failures and successes are both important parts of life. They help us become stronger and more determined to succeed. Successes are a great motivator and give us confidence in our abilities. Ultimately, both failures and successes provide us with essential life lessons.

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