Top 5 Best Dance Short Videos of 2022

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to get your body moving? Here are the top 5 best dance short videos of 2022 in the Pepul app. with so many different styles of dance out there, you can find a video that matches your mood and get your heart rate up in no time. So, get your dancing shoes ready and explore the world of dance with these awesome short videos!

Here are the best dance short videos in 2022

1) Classy Dance With Classical Moves


Here is a short classy dance video with some classical moves from @futurecelebrityofficial. As the dancer moved with grace and poise, she expresses her passion for dance with her elegant moves in Bharatham. The song in the background indeed complemented her gracious steps. Check out this video on the Pepul app to get a visual feast of artistry and passion.


With their catchy and vibrant moves for the song “Ranjithamey,” this video by @boopalu gives a heart-pumping performance. This energetic dance video inspires us to start a new dance routine. The vibrant music and the colourful outfits add to the vibrant atmosphere and thereby, fill the space with uplifting energy. Check out the video on the Pepul app!


This dance of @yoga_mithra2014 shows a highly gracious and soothing performance. As she moves in perfect sync with the music, it shows off her impressive moves with enthusiasm. Her energy and excitement along with cute expressions create a fun and calming experience for all! Check them out on the Pepul app to enjoy more such moves.

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This video by @karthiiyyandurai proves that there is no requirement for lyrics in a song except for some sweet melody. She makes every step and movement of her body very graceful, thereby, providing a calming expression of the music that is playing. She creates a sense of freedom and joy with the music as we see her moving in harmony with the flow of the song.


Ever wondered how would it look like to have the king of pop to dance a classy Indian song? In this video, @kmjsimson is here dancing to a song with Michael Jackson’s iconic moves. His electrifying performance gives everyone an experience that seamlessly aligns with the beat of the song. Watch more of his exciting videos on the Pepul app.

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