[ Dec 11, 2022 ] Top 5 Trending Stories On Pepul

Content creators are always looking for new and exciting ways to reach out to their followers and create meaningful connections. Pepul app creates a great platform for content creators to do just that! We’ve scoured the app to find today’s top 5 creators that are making waves right now.

#1 Trending – Beautiful Snowman DIY Craft


Christmas is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get creative! If you’re looking for a festive way to get in the holiday spirit try this fun, easy craft on the snowman. Here is our first top trending Pepul creator @Diviarts for today who makes amazing DIY crafts on adorable snowmen.

#2 Trending – Beauty of Farming and Agriculture


Though farming can be hard and unrelenting work, it’s also incredibly beautiful. From the vibrant colours of the crops to the way the land changes with the seasons, there’s beauty in the work that farmers do. The second top trending Pepul creator @Guna2504 shares a beautiful story on such beautiful efforts taken by all the farmers out there. Let’s take a moment to appreciate their hard work and the contributions they make to our society.

#3 Trending – Christiano Ronaldo and World Cup


Nothing is as special as a World Cup match for football lovers. The third creator in today’s top trending Pepul Creators is @Ajin_snaps. He shares his love for the team and Christian Ronaldo. The video features Ronaldo after the most shocking results from the defeat of Portugal while his chance to win the fifth and final World Cup has gone for a toss.

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#4 Trending – Love of babies


They say love has no language and that the language of the babies is equal to heaven. As humans, we are all deeply connected by our need for love and connection. The fourth Pepul creator under today’s trending creators list is @Imksathish who shares a video story of a group of babies showing affection to other babies through simple gestures like smiles and hugs. This heartwarming video shows how no language is needed for us to feel love and connection.

#5 Trending – The last end of India (Dhanush Kodi)


The final top trending Pepul Creator @Rk.Siva shares a video showcasing the unique structure of an astonishing island. This mesmerizing footage displays the stunning geography of the island highlighting its unique shape. The deep ocean’s teal blue colour and the white sand beaches sparkle in the sunlight. The video then moves closer to the island, revealing more details. The island’s sparkling blue waters give us a visual treat by taking us to a visual paradise.

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