Pepul Quiz Winner (Gautam Chandar) – Testimonial

Pepul quiz winners
Pepul Quiz Winner (Nov 04, 2022)

Hi all!

As a regular user of the Pepul app, I recently came across advertisements from the Pepul app. It said that a quiz competition is about to be launched and that it happens everyday.

It further mentioned that by just watching short videos on the Pepul app, you can answer quiz questions. By opting for the right answers rapidly, a person can earn Rs.10,000. 

Initially, I thought it was not real. 

Yet, I decided to give it a try. 

On Day 1, I answered quickly but earned only Rs.1,000. But, I was surprised that I earned real money.

So, to hit the nail, I again gave a shot on Day 2, sharp at 8 pm like the previous day which is when I won Rs. 10,000

After winning, a screen popped up saying “Greetings” and also asked for my UPI ID! After that, again a screen flashed saying that the money will be credited within 2 – 3 days.

As promised by the Pepul team, I was more than happy to see the money in my account in just 2 days.

The app not only creates an exciting opportunity for all the users to earn money every day, but it also helps them to acknowledge various things across genres every day.

Thus, Pepul proves to be a great informative app. 

I also felt that the notifications from the app are intriguing and always create enthusiasm in users like me to be part of the Pepul contest

The team’s efforts to send reminder notifications every day across different time intervals helps the users to play the game even in their busy schedule.

Finally, I would like to appreciate the entire Pepul team for creating a unique revenue opportunity for the users not only by just watching the videos of creators but also by allowing us to take home some learnings for the day.

A fun-cum-learning element is exciting!

A big thanks to Pepul!

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