Top 5 Best Technology Short Videos in 2022

As technology continues to advance, so does the importance of safety. Whether it’s in our homes, at work, or out in public, the need for increased safety measures is greater than ever before. This is why several technology creators at Pepul share the latest technological trends and also provide the users with many ways to ensure that everyone can feel safe and secure. Here are the top 5 best technology short videos in 2022 in the Pepul app to explore the growing technology and the increased safety measures in our day-to-day lives.

Here are the best technology videos in 2022

1) Phone Call Safety Measures


Here is a life-saving phone call hack video shared by @mr.mt00 to help us to stay safe while we use our mobile phones. With increased danger of misusing our bank account details and other significant information through hackers, this video shares how to stay beware in phone calls by using a simple technique. Check out the video now!


One of the major problems that we face with our mobile phones or any other devices is the need for more storage. This video by @TechGirlTamil shows how easily and quickly we can get rid of unwanted applications in our device for a smooth functioning. Check out the video to unlock the simple trick to get rid of unwanted applications now!


Sometimes we tend to lose our devices including mobile phones in this busy world. However, this video by @mrvickytech shares the best guidelines or tips that you can follow in advance in order to protect your details from getting shared or misused by some third parties if your device got lost. He also shares the ways to find the lost mobile phone. Check out the video now!

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Hacking the passwords and collecting, missing them are the major security threats that most of the people face today. This video by @poorni_ak shares some tips and tricks to keep your password safe and secure from the thrid parties and the hacks. Check out the video to know about this and apply them in your daily life to keep your systems safe. Follow for more!


The drone technology has developed at a great pace in the recent times. This video by @suryakumar136 shows the grand light show made with multiple drones to create a wonderful night show in the sky. Check out the video now to watch this amazing show of lights. Follow his channel to know more amazing technological trends in the world.

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