Top 5 Best Life Tips and Hacks Short Videos in 2022

Knowing some interesting and time-saving life hacks and tips can become handy, especially in this busy world. Here are the top 5 best life tips and hacks short videos in 2022 shared by various creators and users in the Pepul app which makes everyone’s lives much easier. Check them out!

Here are the best life tips and hacks videos in 2022

1) Natural Coolest Summer Drink


As the summer begins, our body aches for more water; hence, this video by @nutri_log makes the natural coolant drink that anyone can consume during the summer season. This not only cools down your body but is also a healthy drink to cheer you up to beat the heat. Check out the channel for more such life tips.


One thing that most of us in the world have in common is poor time management skills. This video by @anthonyteresa_digital shares the most essential 6 elements for managing your time efficiently following which you can complete your tasks on time without any hassle. Check out the video to learn the secret aspects of developing your time management skills.


Sometimes, only after sending an e-mail do we realise that we have made a mistake. Here, in this video by @ajithvlogger, he shares the most common mail mistakes that the majority of us do in our daily lives and the essential tips to avoid them by changing them efficiently. He also shares 3 significant tips and tricks for those. Check them out now!

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In a world full of rigorous and heavy-weight training exercises, can you believe doing this would help you burn more calories? This video by @atinfosai369 reveals the top secret of burning calories that requires no significant changes in your life. Check out the video to know more about this and follow for life-changing hacks to use in daily life.


One of the major lifestyle problems that occur to most of us in our daily routine is stains and we are not sure how to remove them quickly and correctly. Check out this video by @inpermation to learn the best hack to easily remove any kind of stain in no time. This is a great life-saving tip which every one of us must utilise of. Follow his channel for more such life tips and hacks.

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