Best Arts and Crafts Short Videos in 2022

Arts and crafts videos are a great way to find inspiration for a creative and exploring mind. Whether you’re a budding artist or an experienced craftsperson, you can find great ideas to spark your imagination from the right videos. From drawing tutorials to papercrafting, there are a variety of videos on the Pepul app to help you hone your craft and express your creativity. Here are the top 5 best arts and crafts short videos in 2022 in the Pepul app to enjoy creative beautiful artworks.

Here are the best arts and crafts short videos in 2022

1) Colorful Princess Art Painting


This video by @diviarts expresses the beauty and grace of Japanese culture. This unique and beautiful form of art features the intricate designs created from colorful strips of tape that are carefully arranged to create a beautiful and captivating Japanese Princess design. Check out more such videos from her profile to enjoy such aesthetically pleasing forms of art.


This video by @Vicky3DArt is a beautiful art created finely with sunlight. This video signifies how powerful sunlight can be when it comes to art. Hardly few would have heard of such a sunlight carving. Watch and enjoy this masterpiece of Virat Kohli’s sunlight art. Explore more of his amazing sunlight carvings of different arts in his profile on the Pepul app.


This video by @_murugan._.arts.__ on Murugan expresses the unique form of color pencil art that captures the essence of Indian culture. This combines the traditional art of pencil sketching with the modern techniques of using color pencils to create visually stunning and intricate designs bringing out the beauty of the idol and thereby, making them come alive.

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This video by @gryffinarts shows the beauty of a face portrait created using watercolor painting. It stunningly captures the beauty of the human face and creates a unique and expressive image that radiates beauty and emotion. The use of vibrant colors, bold strokes, and soft blending techniques in this video make this portrait stand out from other art forms. Check it out!


This video by @radhikaja99 shows the pretty home decor newspaper dolls that are made by her from strips of newspaper along with different acrylic colours and are perfect for adding a bit of personality to any space. These dolls have a unique charm and can be used as a centerpiece in any room. Watch more of her amazing crafts in the Pepul app now!

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