How to ask questions in English language | Singular Subjects Examples (in Tamil)

ask the questions english language singular subject examples

How to ask questions in the English language | Singular Subjects Examples (in Tamil)

Learning English language is not a difficult task at all. And in order to learn the basics of simple English, you don’t have to know all the English grammar. All you are required to understand is a few basic structures that make up the English language such as the subject, verb, agreement, articles, pronouns.

It would be always difficult to speak big sentences while starting to learn a new language. And the English language is no different. So, it is always better to start with small sentences.

Also, at the end of his videos, one can also try out the interactive exercises that he shares with the viewers to test their learning for the day!

By learning to speak at a simple and slow pace, you can also master the English language!

Check out his videos to learn more about English Grammar such as tense, verb, subject with examples in a fun way!