Pepul Office’s First-Ever Industrial Visit – The New College Students

pepul office industrial visit new college students
Pepul Office's First-Ever Industrial Visit - The New College Students

Recently, Pepul organized the first-ever Industrial Visit (IV) of the Pepul Office for The New College students of the BCA 2020 – 2023 Batch on 21st March 2023 and 22nd March 2023.

Following the welcoming speech for the students on the very first day of the IV, the students were then given an overview of the company’s functioning by the Head of the CEO’s office! This presented an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about the different facets of the company with regard to the company’s work culture, product development, employees’ roles and responsibilities etc.

As they gained valuable insights into the company’s vision and mission, they were also enlightened with the different functionalities tutored by the experts in the field such as Designing, App Development, Product Management and others. Followed by them, was the thought-provoking and inspirational speech by the Founder and CEO of Pepul, Mr Suresh Kumar G. This gave them a piece of practical knowledge about the different processes involved in the development of a product from the start to the end and answered the “Why” portion of the company’s existence and operation.

It is true that there is a creator in every person.

During the programme, one of the students also explained his experience with respect to his own development of an app for hostel management and also shared how he could relate to the actual process of product development.

This sums up that all it takes for a successful product is a pain point and an idea to complement and solve the problem.

The second day of the IV was made to create a fun-filled environment by introducing a lot of games, refreshments, and interesting Q&A sessions, followed by the different contributions of ideas of The New College students.

Pepul Office Tour

Finally, the days were closed with the most awaited office tour. This created great enthusiasm among the students wherein everyone was introduced to the respective teams, interactions about their processes, live demos, etc.

It is true that “See and Know” always ranks higher when compared to the “Read and Know” part.

This was true for college students. While they learn about different things about the functioning of a company, the journey of a product’s success and its development, they could gain an ample amount of wholesome experience when they actually saw them on their own and resolve their major doubts.

At Pepul, we believe in empowering the students, nurturing their talents and inspiring them to cherish their dreams. And, this Industrial Visit (IV) experience was a great opportunity for us to fulfil the mission.

Overall, it created a great environment for both the students and the employees at the company to have our first batch of IV students at the Pepul office.

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