People: Tamil New Year 2023 (Puththandu Competitions)

Tamil New Year Contest 2023

Hello everyone!

Pepul is back with new contests!

For this upcoming Tamil New Year, we have planned a set of events taking place inside the Pepul app.

Tamil New Year Contest Description

Tamil New Year Contest is an opportunity for all the Pepul app users to showcase their hidden talents and creativity through various competitions conducted inside the Pepul app from April 14 to April 21.

Here are the 4 segments available for the participants who are interested to join the contest:

  • Singing
tamil music competition

Showcase your vocal skills by playing high on melody, rhythm, and overall performance through Tamil songs.

  • Kolam/ Rangoli Arts
tamil kolam rangoli competition

Display your creative skills. Prizes will be awarded for the most beautiful and creative designs.

  • Dance
tamil dance competition

Perform a traditional Tamil dance or a modern dance with Tamil music. Choreography, synchronization, expressions, and overall performance increase your chance of winning.

  • Tamil Speech/ Story-telling
tamil storytelling speech competitions

Write and recite traditional Tamil poems. Prizes will be awarded to the best poets.

Terms and Conditions

Before getting into the contests, check out the terms and conditions:


  • The contest is open to anyone who is interested in showcasing their talent in the Tamil New Year contest.
  • Participants are required to submit their own content that is original and of high quality.
  • The content must also be oriented towards Tamil culture.
  • Each participant must submit a minimum of 3 videos per day and there is no maximum limit.
  • Participants are required to submit short videos with a minimum length of 1 minute.
  • Participants must submit their entries before the deadline of April 21st.

How to Participate in the Tamil New Year Contest?

  • Install Pepul App & Signup
  • Click the (+) Button & upload your 1-minute video by clicking on the “Upload Event Videos” contest banner
  • Publish the Video
  • Choose to upload videos from any of the following categories:
    1. Singing
    2. Kolam/ Rangoli Arts
    3. Dance
    4. Tamil Speech/ Story-telling
Winning Criteria

The winners of this Tamil New Year Contest will be chosen based on the universal voting system available inside the Pepul app. This means anybody who likes your contest video can vote for you.

For a given day of the contest, the voters will have 100 votes in hand to vote for their favourite participants’ videos.

Note: At the end of the day, the votes will expire. There is no option to carry forward the votes.

A total of 4 winners will be chosen. Exciting gifts will be awarded to 1 winner from each of the categories.

Mode of Contest: Online – In Pepul App

Time for submission: April 14 (12 AM) to April 21

Celebrate this Tamil New Year with Pepul’s exciting contest at your bay!

This Tamil New Year Contest plan is aimed at encouraging participants to showcase their hidden talents and creativity.

We hope that this contest will not only provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their talents but also help them to learn more about Tamil culture.

We look forward to receiving entries from participants and wish everyone the best of luck.