Free Blue-Tick Verification Badge: Is paid blue-tick an absolute necessity for users?

Is paid blue-tick an absolute necessity for users? Here's where you can get for free!

In recent times, many social media platforms such as Twitter, Meta-owned Facebook, and Instagram have announced their updates on offering a paid blue tick verification to keep the user profiles secured and sound.

But how necessary it is to get paid blue-tick verification for your social media profiles?

Let us discover what is up for the users with the paid blue tick verification and what it is like to get something for free!

What is a Paid Blue Tick Verification?

A paid-blue tick verification is something the users pay to get their social profiles verified in order to convey the fellow users of such social platforms that their profiles are authentic and reliable. For this purpose, many social media platforms charge a fee on a subscription basis.

What is a Free Blue Tick Verification?

A free blue-tick verification is a badge provided on the Pepul app. It is an opportunity for all users to keep their accounts in the app real and verified.

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Is there a free blue tick verification badge?

Although many such platforms charge a fee for attaining a blue tick badge in order to provide the users with the best social experience, why would anyone buy something despite it being available for free yet reliable?

Yes, the Pepul app provides a free blue tick verification badge for all users.

In Pepul, you can enjoy a better social media experience all while getting your profiles verified by just following the quick KYC verification process. This means you can get your free blue tick in no time, yet create an authentic social self for yourself.

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Benefits of a Verified User Profile on Pepul

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy with a no paid blue tick verification:

1. Offers Free Blue Tick Verification

Getting a blue tick verification is no easy feat, especially for individuals or small businesses. However, Pepul offers blue tick verification for all users for free. This means that anyone can apply for verification, and once the verification steps are completed, they will receive a blue tick verification badge next to their profile name.

2. Establishes Credibility

A free blue tick verification badge next to your profile name signals that your account is legitimate, trustworthy, and reliable. It indicates that you are who you claim to be, and your account has been verified by Pepul. This can indeed establish and boost your credibility, making your profile more attractive to the other users in the app.

3. Increases Following

Users are more likely to follow and engage with accounts that have a verified badge, as they feel confident that the account is authentic and trustworthy. For instance, if you are a creator, you can easily attract a larger and increased following which can translate to increased brand awareness, higher engagement rates, and more opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

4. Keeps Anonymous Users Away

Social media platforms are a breeding ground for anonymous trolls and fake accounts. Having a free blue tick verification on Pepul can deter anonymous users from creating fake accounts to impersonate or harass a user. Verified users are also more likely to have their content seen by genuine followers, reducing the impact of fake accounts and trolls.

5. Enables a Great Social Experience

A free blue tick verification can enhance your social media experience as there are reduced anonymous users in the app. All in all, the Pepul app offers a positive social experience that paves way for happy users.

In conclusion, having a blue tick verification on a social media profile has many benefits. With a platform that offers free blue tick verification, users should consider applying to reap the benefits of a free KYC-verified user profile rather than pay and get it as part of their profile.

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