10 Quick Tips About Pepul Social Media App

How To Use Pepul

Right from discovering new ideas to keeping oneself updated with the current world trends, social media has been a part and parcel of everyone’s life in today’s world.

Some use it for connecting with their friends and family, while others use it for building professional business connections to build and develop their brand’s identity! Social media evolves around the clock. However, we know less about how to optimize their usage for our interests and self-development. This is why we are here to provide you with 10 quick tips about the Pepul social media app.

From enjoying videos in your free time after a long day to creating beautiful moment videos with Pepul Moments and building secure connections with people who share your interests, you can find many more applications with the Pepul social media app.

Let’s dive into it! Here are a few quick tips to help you get started!

1. Free Blue-Tick Verification

It is important for every user of a social media app to be able to verify his or her identity on their profile. It sends the message to other users that they have a real identity.

Unlike other social media platforms that require users to meet certain criteria before receiving a verification badge, Pepul allows all users to access the verification for their own profile using a streamlined KYC verification process.

This would help you to create your own unique identity on the platform, thereby fostering your ability to connect with real users inside the app. You can also build a secure network with Pepul’s free blue-tick verification.

2. Safe social media for all

The evolution of social media might have taken us a long way, but what about the privacy of the users? Do you think enough emphasis is made on the safety of the users? Well, this is where Pepul might create value for you!

With India’s first user self-verification mechanism, Pepul paves the way to a more safe and more secure platform by prioritizing the privacy of the users. With no screenshots and a secure chat system, you can find Pepul as your go-to option if privacy is your concern!

By restraining abusive, offensive content in the app, you can also enjoy a hatred-free new-age social networking platform. This makes the platform a suitable option for all age groups.

3. Become a creator

With the huge growth in recent years, the “creator economy” is one of the buzzwords in today’s ecosystem. Having this in mind, Pepul creates a platform for deserving creators to earn through their skills.

By providing a stage for content creators, curators, and video creators, Pepul helps them to monetize their content in order to reach the right audience.

If you are a creator, then this is the perfect time to get onto your creator launchpad with Pepul Creators to reach the right audience for your content, all while earning 100% revenue and recognition for your talents and skills. For creators and users alike, Pepul always creates value in people’s lives.

4. Create moments that matter

Creating moments that matter is essential in life. It is what we remember and what we share with others. We all have moments that we cherish, moments that we want to last forever. We need to create these moments to make them happen.

They may be small or they may be large, but they are always worth remembering. Embrace all that comes your way with Pepul’s Moments feature. Create “moments” by choosing your favourite photos, adding some music of your choice, uploading them, and sharing them on other social media platforms or on Pepul.

Now, you don’t have to worry about using a different platform for creating collage videos, as you can find everything on Pepul.

5. Watch ad-free videos

With the Pepul app, you can now watch ad-free videos. Enjoy both non-premium and premium content from several of your favourite creators without spending a lot of money. This can be a great way to learn skills from experts at just Re. 1 or to find many new creators across 30+ categories of content and see what they are up to.

Whether you want to learn a new skill, or, are interested in knowing that secret recipe to lose weight, or, would like to have some “me time,” we have got you covered.

Just in case you are confused about finding the right creators according to your interests, you can always find our suggested creator bundle handy! It’s always good to spend some money after understanding your interests which is why you.

6. Get inspired through positivity

There is a common misconception that social media is infested with negativity nowadays. However, we know less about identifying the right platform for our personal growth.

This is why Pepul helps you become a better version of yourself by nurturing positive, fun, and inspiring content to keep up your spirits on a long day! They say thoughts make us.

But consuming the right content from the outside world actually builds us! It’s time to make that change. Create a better world by evolving into a better self with Pepul!

7. Audios and texts to capture attention

One of the best ways to capture attention is to use visuals. In fact, visuals are so important that they account for more than half of the information that is retained by the human brain.

However, sometimes people are keen to listen to you while doing other chores. This is why it would be perfect for you to engage with your friends and family through audio stories.

When you are trying to capture someone’s attention, sharing a text story with various formatting options to customize the background with colours, patterns, pictures, and the font style of your choice can work wonders to attract and capture their attention.

8. Find communities that share your interests

Making new friends can help you get more out of life. You’ll have a larger support network that understands your struggles and triumphs.

Furthermore, if one of your hobbies is staying in shape or eating healthy, surrounding yourself with others who want to do the same can be a great motivator. With so many options at hand, it can be hard to filter out people who have the same mindset as you on a social media platform.

In that case, you can make use of Pepul to find people who share your interests, engage with them on a regular basis, and build several such interest-based communities.

9. Be creative and interesting

Being interesting is what will make you stand out from the rest. It’s what will make people want to be around you, and it’s what will make them want to hear what you have to say. So, how do you become interested? It’s not as hard as you might think. You just need to be creative and find ways to engage people.

You can do this by sharing interesting stories, being passionate about your work, or simply being yourself. In that case, being yourself and most importantly genuine is quite important.

People can see through fakes, and they won’t be interested in someone who is trying too hard. And, most importantly, have fun. Being interesting is a lot more fun than being boring. Pepul creates a platform for people to just be themselves. It is what makes the app unique from the rest of them.

As a businessperson, freelancer, influencer, or just a normal human who wants to keep up with the trend, get to know about all the interesting trending happenings around you and keep yourself updated on the latest news. Not having much time to spend in your busy life? Well, trending short videos are here on the Pepul app to entertain and educate you.

By following these tips, hope you could make the best use of the Pepul social media app!

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