Pepul selected for Google’s Appscale Academy Program 2023

Pepul on Google Appscale Academy Program 2023

Pepul’s Presence in the Google’s Appscale Academy Program 2023

CEO Pepul Suresh
CEO of Pepul, Suresh Kumar G

With an initiative to provide a strong and intuitive user experience accompanied by a positive-cultured social media platform, we believe that Pepul certainly deserves this place in the Appscale Academy’s Class of 2023.

Being selected as one of the 100 Apps from thousands of applications by Google for its Appscale Academy 2023 is a proud moment for us. This will be a great learning opportunity for us to make the app scale from 3M to 100M and would to thank the Appscale Academy team for their support and recognition. Pepul will continue to work hard and innovate to offer the best social media experience to its users.

Pepul awards
Pepul Awards

We are also honoured to have our CEO, Mr Suresh Kumar and our CTO, Mr Muthukumar for having been part of an amazing team of entrepreneurs at the occasion.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our team who work passionately every day to make Pepul a success. We also thank all our users who trusted us early on, as well as our supporters and well-wishers. Last but not least, we would like to thank all our investors who have invested their hard-earned money and have supported us throughout our journey.

Indeed, this is just the beginning for Pepul, and we are excited about what the future holds for us in our million-dollar milestones!

– Suresh Kumar G
Founder & CEO (Pepul)