Yoga Vaishnavi Exclusive Talk | Guinness World Record Holder

guinness world record holder yoga vaishnavi life story

Hailing from Coimbatore and being the proud title holder of “Yoga Rani,” “Yoga Natchathra,” and “Young Achiever Award,” Yoga Vaishnavi is a Guinness World Record holder in yoga.

Right from how yoga has been part and parcel of her life to how she has strived to achieve 5 Guinness World Records, 250 Gold Medals and over 60 National-Level Yoga Competitions, Yoga Vaishnavi is here at Pepul to share her life experiences with us.

Here is a recap of her life journey!

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Beginning her journey as a yogini right from 4th grade, with her father being a great backbone and her biggest supporter, Yoga Vaishnavi stands to be a young and talented yoga practitioner from India. She was born and raised in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, where she began practising yoga at a young age.

Indeed she serves as a true inspiration for others to follow their passion in life and achieve milestones just like her, by sharing several of her thoughts on her life experiences.

Even if the odds were not in her favour, with her hard work, dedication, and passion for yoga, and her father being her everything, she is now the holder of 4 Guinness World Records and other records such as the India Book of Records, the Asia Book of Records, and the Tamil Nadu Book of Records.

She has been practising yoga for over a decade and has received numerous awards for her dedication and skill.

Her journey to becoming a Guinness World Record holder was not easy. She had to overcome many challenges and obstacles along the way. However, her passion for yoga and her dedication to her practice kept her going.

She started practising yoga at a young age, and as she grew older, she became more interested in the practice. She trained hard and participated in many yoga competitions, winning several of them. 

With intense training and preparation, she successfully achieved her goal and became a Guinness World Record holder.

Remember, it is never too late for new beginnings!