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Vijay Kapoor

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Vijay Kapoor is a first-generation entrepreneur, founder, and Managing Director of ‘Derby Jeans Community‘, a Motivational Speaker, and a TedX Chennai speaker. He dreams of creating 1000 successful first-generation entrepreneurs by 31st March 2025; through franchising Derby Jeans Community.

How exciting or thrilling is it to embark on your own entrepreneurial journey? With several ups and downs, becoming an entrepreneur with the right mindset and business skills is not always a tough journey. This is why you should be knowing your “Why” to understand the “How” part of your entrepreneurial roller-coaster!

Every successful entrepreneur was once a beginner. With the right initial step forward along with the perfect guidance, anyone can become a successful entrepreneur.  It all starts with YOU! YOUR DREAM!! YOUR PASSION!!! It would look hard at first, therefore you must work towards a goal that is harder to achieve. It is always best to be small because this is how you can fail fast. 

From several topics like franchising in entrepreneurship to lifting yourself when your idea doesn’t work as per your expectations, you can learn everything from doing. 

And guess what?

Here is why I’m here to help you kickstart your journey toward entrepreneurship with several tips and ideas to keep going when you feel like you couldn’t. 

We all like growth. Who doesn’t? The world always runs on getting one step better, easier, and simpler! And this race wouldn’t end as such!

Every business starts with an idea. Where do you think that idea stems from? Well…to answer this question, think about the last time when you got drenched in frustration! That’s right! A business plan starts with that! You don’t have to start big to become great! It all starts with a small idea, planned accurately to create a successive growth plan coupled with actions but most importantly, at the rightest time! 

Now you might ask, what would be the right time to execute your plan? You might also wonder whether your plan by itself will work out or not!

Welcome, everyone! This is “Derby Vijay.” How to ensure your top-of-the-business fitness? “How to Start a Business with Small seed amount?” 

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