Top 5 Popular Tamil Nadu Stories Creators List

Listening to the people who come together to share different kinds of stories with the world is an amazing way to learn things across. They are a great way to engage our imagination. In this blog, let us discover the top 5 stories creators in the Pepul app who craft stories that captivate listeners and make them feel like they’re part of the journey.

Top 5 Stories Creators in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Pokkisham

Tamil Pokkisham

The first creator under Tamil Nadu Stories Creators List is Vigneshwaran. He is a content creator on the Pepul app. The videos on his channel “Tamil Pokkisham” in the Pepul app will open a gateway to a treasure trove of general knowledge.

His videos on the Pepul app help the viewers to gain new knowledge on various subject matters. For instance, by watching various videos like Putin’s World Order, Russia-Turkey Gas Hub Plan, and China’s Plan To Destroy Starlink, you can find videos that discuss current events and news stories, which can help you to stay up to date on the latest happenings around the world. Certain other videos including Indian Digital Rupee Explained Simple help you to gain knowledge about the economy.

Here are the top 5 must-watch exclusive videos on his Channel “Tamil Pokkisham” in the Pepul app

  • Do you know? A ring can cure diseases!
  • Russia-Ukraine War – China’s Case Study
  • International Space Station – An Exclusive Series
  • The mystery behind the last Tribal man
  • The shocking Tsunami Attack

Explore the mysteries and histories of various subject matters of the world by subscribing to the Tamil Pokkishamon the Pepul app.

Lavanya Talks

Lavanya Talks

The second creator under Tamil Nadu Stories Creators List is Lavanya. She is a content creator in the Pepul app who shares videos on thought-provoking history and thrilling information.

Her channel “Lavanya Talks” is the perfect place to learn random facts about anything in this world including various fascinating facts about a variety of topics, from humans to animals. Learning about never-heard-before people, places, and facts related to superstitions, anatomy, and pets is a great way to expand your horizons and open up to new possibilities. Her videos featuring uncommon facts and new information provide an exciting and enriching experience for all the viewers.

Some of the must-watch top exclusive videos from her Channel “Lavanya Talks” on the Pepul app

  • Unknown facts about dogs
  • The biggest-mouthed man and other strange humans
  • Jaw-dropping facts about humans

Subscribe to her channelLavanya Talkson the Pepul app to know about never-heard-before facts about people and places.

ஒரு கதை சொல்லட்டுமா? (Oru Kadhai Sollatuma?)

Oru Kadhai Sollatuma

The third creator under Tamil Nadu Stories Creators List is Muthu Kumaran. He is a storyteller as well as a content creator in the Pepul app. He shares with his viewers many fascinating life-changing stories.

His videos feature stories to boost and refresh our minds. The stories on this channel comprise various videos that show the success and failure of various brands and the efforts they took to rise up. You can learn about the different trails in the lives of achievers. His videos provide valuable insight into the different paths that many renowned individuals have taken to success. Viewers can learn what worked for them, as well as what didn’t, in order to better understand the process behind achieving their own goals.

Here are the top-inspiring stories from his Channel “Oru Kadhai Sollatuma” on the Pepul app

  • வெற்றி என்பது 99% தோல்வி – Story of Honda
  • வெற்றிக்கு பிறகு வரும் துரோகம்
  • A real-life success story – Rebound after failures

Discover the trove of inspiring stories to apply in your life from the exclusive videos of the Oru Kadhai Sollatuma channel in the Pepul app.

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The fourth creator under Tamil Nadu Stories Creators List is Veeramani. His channel “CHIPI AUDIO STORIES” in the Pepul app is a treasure trove of the best audio stories for children.

Stories are so close to our hearts. They change the way children think. The videos from this channel are a combination of entertainment and education making audio stories a great tool for children. Listening to their audio stories can be a fun and rewarding experience for both adults as well as children, while also enlights a happy experience with great visuals as the story runs.

Here are the top audio stories from the channel “CHIPI AUDIO STORIES” in the Pepul app

  • The inspiring story of the caged parrot
  • Creeper and the coconut tree | An interesting story
  • A Modern Story – Small Tortoise and Rabbit story

Subscribe to the channel CHIPI AUDIO STORIES on the Pepul app to enjoy great audio stories along with the fun and entertainment elements.

Kadhai with Appu

Kadhai with Appu

The fifth creator under the Tamil Nadu Stories Creators List is Saraswathy Janakiraman. She is a storyteller and a content creator on the Pepul app. Immerse yourself in the world of interesting stories with her channel “Kadhai with Appu” on the Pepul app.

“Kadhai with Appu” is a great channel to watch for anyone who is looking to be entertained by interesting stories. The channel features a talented storyteller, who brings to life a range of captivating tales from the Zen Tale to Tenali Raman stories. Whether you’re in the mood for a heartwarming tale of friendship, or a thrilling adventure story, her channel has something for everyone. With engaging storytelling, her stories are made to be joyful to watch.

Check out some of the must-watch exclusive videos on her channel “Kadhai with Appu” in the Pepul app:

  • The Riddle Stories – Parts 1, 2, 3
  • Biryani vs Gold Coins
  • The Tale of Vani – The Golden Fish

So if you’re looking for a fun and enjoyable way to pass the time, be sure to tune in to Kadhai with Appu on the Pepul app.

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