Top 5 List of Arts Creators in Tamil Nadu

Learning the different arts and sketches, painting, and other mediums for creating art can be an incredibly rewarding experience. From the basics of sketching and painting to more advanced techniques like 3D modeling and digital design, there’s something for everyone to explore. Let’s find the top art creators in Tamil Nadu who are also creators in the Pepul app!

Top 5 list of Art Creators in Tamil Nadu

Rafflesia Illustration

Rafflesia Illustration

The first creator under Tamil Nadu Art Creators List is Priyadharshini R. She is a digital illustrator as well as a content creator on the Pepul app.

In her videos on the Pepul app, she unleashes the secret to excellent illustrations including the art of perspective drawings. Illustrating digitally is an art form that is becoming increasingly popular. By watching her videos, you can learn to convert your drawing skills into illustrations on a digital medium, and can also become a professional illustrator. Digital illustration offers a wide range of styles and possibilities to create art. With the right skills and tools, you can produce rewarding illustrations that are both unique and beautiful.

Here are some of the top exclusive videos from the Rafflesia Illustration Channel on the Pepul app:

  • How to draw faces
  • Illustrating a colourful home
  • Learning to doodle and illustrate characters

Subscribe to Rafflesia Illustrationon the Pepul app to learn the fine art of digital illustrations.

Aadhi Pencil Arts

Aadhi Pencil Arts

The second creator under Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Aadhi. He is a pencil artist as well as a creator on the Pepul app.

Learning about pencil drawing from a beginner level can be an exciting and rewarding journey. Pencil drawing is a great way to express yourself artistically. From his exclusive videos on the Pepul app, you can learn the basics of pencil drawing which includes learning how to hold a pencil, understanding the various types of pencils, and mastering basic techniques such as shading and blending. Through his videos, you can easily acknowledge creating textures and knowing the right perspectives during pencil shading.

Subscribe to his channelAadhi Pencil Artson the Pepul app to enjoy creating beautiful pencil sketches.

Art3mist academy

Art3mist academy

The third creator under Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Art3mist academy. He is an expert in pencil sketches as well as a creator on the Pepul app.

Do you aspire to become a pencil artist? You can express your creative side by learning to do amazing pencil sketches. This is why the videos of this creator help you to learn pencil arts through a step-by-step process for beginners. They are a great way to learn the fundamentals of pencil sketching. With a wide range of his free tutorials available on the Pepul app including closed-eye drawings, 3D shapes shading, and Disney Princess drawing (step-by-step), anyone who admires pencil sketches can easily follow his videos, learn the basic concepts and apply the techniques that are needed to create stunning pencil sketches.

Check out the most popular exclusive videos on his “Art3mist academy” channel on the Pepul app which takes you to the mesmerizing world of pencil sketches:

  • How to draw both eyes in an easy way
  • Easy and fascinating watercolour painting ideas
  • Step-by-step pencil sketches

Master the art of pencil sketches with his exclusive videos on the Art3mist academy channel on the Pepul app.

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The fourth creator under Tamil Nadu Arts Creators List is Vaishali. She is a Mandala artist as well as a creator on the Pepul app. With her channel “MANDALASBYVAISH” on the Pepul app, you can learn the sacred art of the vibrant ornamental Mandala arts.

Are you looking to explore a creative and beautiful form of art? Ornate Mandalas are a great way to express yourself and explore your creativity. The videos on her Pepul Creators channel help you to learn the art of drawing mandalas with step-by-step guidance on intricate circular designs that can have spiritual and religious meanings. Learning to create these beautiful works of art not only can it add a beautiful touch to your home or office but can make you explore the basics of creating Ornate Mandalas to some advanced techniques.

Check out some of the top videos on her “MANDALASBYVAISH” channel on the Pepul app:

  • Construction of an Ornate Mandala
  • Black and White Mandala (Rangoli Design)
  • Construction of Metatron’s Cube (Sacred Geometry)

Watch her videos on the MANDALASBYVAISH channel on the Pepul app to dive into the world of Ornate Mandalas!

Colors With Me

Colors With Me

The fifth creator under the Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Colors With Me who is both an artist as well as a content creator on the Pepul app.

Her videos on the Pepul app are a great way to learn new techniques and get tips on creating beautiful art portraits. With step-by-step instructions, learning the basics of modern art with watercolours is easier than ever. You can also develop your own unique style or can incorporate different techniques into your own art to develop your artistic skills. Right from learning modern acrylic art to some fine crafts with newspapers, you can find the joy of arts and crafts in her channel.

Discover the beauty of watercolour painting with her channel Colors With Me on the Pepul app.

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