MBA IN MONEY MANAGEMENT – Exclusive Pepul Creator Story


How long would you just want to be in a middle-class living? Move into the millionaire space with the right kind of financial knowledge. Join me on my journey as a creator on my channel ‘MBA in Money Management.’

Anybody can make money. But does everyone know how to manage it well? Quite a few. Isn’t it?

Ever thought how much that land would have been sold for if you had purchased them 10 years ago? Could have grabbed something big, right?

Money is not something which arose recently. However, managing money has taken different versions in the recent era. It is high time that we realize that earning money isn’t that important by itself, but managing money is the need of the hour.

For this purpose, you don’t have to increase the salary, but increase your savings with the given salary. This way, you can save some for future needs.

There is no such thing as successful saving. It is all about successfully saving to secure your living. 

No wonder technology has taken forms to help us save money better, but have you realized that the same advancement in technology eats our money too?

So, how do we manage money to secure a good future?

Hi! I’m your Satish Kumar – Crore-pathi Creator.

For those of you who wonder what exactly money management means, let me explain in a few words!

You might be willing to invest your money in a property, real estate, or even gold. Is that money management? Yes! What do you think about the terms “Spending,” “Saving,” and “Budgeting?” Well… they are all part of what we call the umbrella of money management. 

What could be more liberating than to live a life without having to constantly worry about matters related to money? 

Unfortunately, most of us couldn’t stop thinking about managing it better.

This makes it clear that proper management of money is of utmost importance! 

But let’s not worry about the world now!

Have you been consistently maintaining your personal budget?

While it is important to track your expenses, it is equally significant to review them on a periodic basis. This is one of the best ways to control your finances. 

Some of us might be aware of the 50-30-20 rule of budgeting which is one of the basic elements in managing your personal finances. 

Are there any other ways you can manage your finances?

Well… there are plenty of them!

Want to know how?

From various topics like “Middle Class to Million Dollar,” “Cost of Delay,” “SIP,” “Compounding,” “Mutual Funds,” “Equity” to “Inflation,” and “Tax Simplification,” you can start your journey from middle class to millionaire today!

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