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Why do you think that a certain XYZ brand is interesting?

Is it its logo? Or the advertisements? Or just the way it makes us feel when we think about it? It can be anything, right?

Such is the power of brands in today’s world!

Well…there can be thousands of reasons why a certain brand comes to our mind when we are in need or want something.

But how easy or difficult could the journey of those companies be to develop such brands?

These days, the spending on the R & D part of the company is peaking just to provide a concept for brand innovation. So, why is it so hard to come up with something? Again, people’s interests vary widely on a day-to-day basis. 

It is the company’s job to understand the changing needs of the people and create new needs.

These needs take the form of brand innovation.

And how do we achieve that?

This is why brand awareness, research, competitor analysis, and finally most importantly, customer feedback are all part of the game!

If you are going to start a business or planning to have one, welcome to the world of brands.

Hi all! This is Maddy, and I’m here to share with you the business lessons, brand strategies, and success stories of products and companies. You can expect these and more from my channel ‘Master Mind Maddy’ exclusively on Pepul Creators. I love to analyze brands and success stories, and that’s my inspiration to be a creator. Happy to be part of the creators’ revolution initiated by #PepulCreators!

Entrepreneurship is indeed a long yet transforming journey for any person. Dealing with the several ups and downs is part of the process here. Having a desirable business plan, implementing a marketing strategy, and finally developing a successful product have their own pros and cons. But, learning about them is no big deal.

Support me as I continue sharing different interesting brand knowledge with you.

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