Are relations always bad? How to strengthen your relationships (In Tamil)

Are relations always bad? How to strengthen your relationships (In Tamil)

Human relationships are the cornerstone of our lives. Whether it be with our family members, friends, or romantic partners, these relationships bring joy, comfort, and support to our daily lives. Unfortunately, many of us overlook the importance of these relationships until we face adverse moments in our lives. However, in these difficult times, we realize how meaningful our relationships are.

What we forget is that we presume certain things about such acquaintances or relations. And these things happen to be the struggling points in a relationship.

From a society where our relations were the predominant part of our lives to a society where the prelude of relationship for convenience is of dominance, the roles of the relations have changed. One of the major causes of this change is that we live a world where we expect everything to happen according to our desires.

Majority of the people rely on the thoughts that the role of our relations should be present only when we have any need. Nevertheless, when it comes to other facets of life, such relations are seemed to be annoying and want them to not to interlude or interrupt our lives.

Whether or not this preconception is true, what one must understand is that we are still humans. Humans are those creatures which nurtured relations and relationships since the medieval period.

It is only the societal chaos that create such preconceptions that relations are always bad, and they need not influence us in determining our own relationship with our families.

Let us not forget that it is up to us to decide whether to be run by the societal judgements or to strengthen our lives by rethinking the relationship presumptions.

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