Gobinath Chandran – Exclusive Pepul Creator Story

Gobinath Story

Hi, I am your Gobinath. Does the world look confusing to you? Are you struggling to make sense of your challenges and how to grow your positivity in tough situations? Watch my exclusive videos as I share some impactful motivational lessons on the ‘Gobinath Speaks’ channel on Pepul Creators. 

Gobinath is an anchor, writer, journalist, and keynote speaker.

Hi, I am your “Neeya Naana Gopinath.” Happy to share motivational videos for people through our Pepul Creators.

Are your relatives betraying you? How to find out? How to face those around us? 

Why should we learn to manage money? What will it do for us? What do you think is the real meaning of getting rich? 

Do you think that you can decide your future? If so, are you sure what is the key element that you need to create a bright future for yourself? They say character builds us in a way that nobody else can build us. But is there any way to build a character?

After education has taken its form in us, we have been talking about dependency just like how we discuss the economy. So, is dependency right or wrong? What does even dependency mean? How important is it to become independent? Is being independent the only way to express your real self in this uncertain world? Do you think being dependent on your relationships takes a toll on your independence on yourself? What is even required to build a true character?

It’s about to be 2023. Do you think that you still have time to do some meaningful creative work that you deserve on any given day when you are free? Introducing a well-balanced work-life is not an easy task, isn’t it? What if I say then you are wrong? Well… work is also part of your life and is not your life by itself.

Whom do you think controls you? Is it the external circumstances, your family, your friends, or you? It’s your thoughts that control you and manipulate you to become the kind of person you are today! Want to know how?

What are you waiting for? The answers to your quest for such unanswered questions are here!

To know about the mantras of your daily life protocol, follow me at “Gopinath speaks” exclusively available on the Pepul Creators Channel! These videos are available only on Pepul Creators.