G GNANASAMBANDAN – Exclusive Pepul Creator Story

“Kalaimamani” Dr G. Gnanasambandan is a Tamil professor, writer, Tamil scholar, Tamil orator, conducts debates, and actor in Tamil films.

Welcome, I am your “G. Gnanasambandam.” I share a wide range of topics like Tamil literature, spirituality, and various aspects of the Tamil Language, through my channel ‘G Gnanasambandan’. Our channel videos are exclusive to watch and enjoy.

Do you believe in your intuition? What do you think about a father-son relationship? Is it really that hard to live in morality? Is it true that the emperors of the Chera, Chola, and Pandya became petty kings with the arrival of the Pallavas? Are you aware of war ethics?

The culture of the Tamil people, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, is one of India’s main sources of pride. It is a treasure trove, unique in the way it represents its unique way of artistic development in the entire world. Has it changed in the recent era or still stay the same?

Knowledge of the language also allows you to access a vast amount of work such as literature, music, and drama, all of which are abundant in the Tamil language. The Tamil language is used almost entirely in historical works. Understanding how these (the arts and history) have come to define us as a people, as well as understanding who we are in-depth, necessitates knowledge of Tamil.

Tamil literature has a rich tradition spanning more than 5000 years due to the antiquity of the Tamil language and is especially renowned for its vernacular, as well as classics, philosophical works, and secular flavour. There are so many cultural games of Tamil people. The evolution of such games is by itself a mystery.

Do you know about all the mysterious meanings behind the invention of such games in the ancient history of Tamils?

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