Ayali Web Series Exclusive Video Interview with Abi Natchathra

ayali web series abi natchathra

Even if the world has changed many folds, education for women is still being questioned in many places.

This time, at Pepul, we invited the main cast, “Abi Natchathra” of the recently released Ayali web series on women’s education where she shares with us some of her experiences and her views on women’s education and child marriage.

Here are her thoughts on the above!

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With many issues such as child marriage and resistance to women’s education, the dream of many girls to accomplish their goals is still questioned in many rural areas as broadcasted in the Ayali web series.

These are complex and deeply rooted in societal norms and traditions. However, it is crucial that we recognize the detrimental impact these practices have on young girls and women, and take action to address them.

She serves as an inspiration for others to join the fight for women’s rights and work towards a future where every girl and woman has the opportunity to live a life free from fear and oppression.

By sharing several of her thoughts on these, the interview created a powerful and moving experience, giving voice to the struggles and injustices faced by countless girls and women in India and around the world.