6 Great Musicians of Tamil Nadu

Music has been a mainstay of human culture since time immemorial, and it continues to bring joy, comfort, and inspiration to billions of people around the world. It has been an integral part of Tamil Nadu’s culture for centuries. But behind every great song is a talented songwriter or composer or musician who has shaped it into something remarkable. Here, we take a look at some of the top 6 Tamil Nadu music creators who have shaped the Tamil music industry and made a name for themselves.

Top 6 Music Creators in Tamil Nadu

Singer Nivas

Singer Nivas

The first creator under Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Srinivas Raghunathan, commonly known as Singer Nivas. Singer Nivas is a singer, musician as well as a content creator on the Pepul app. 

Are you a music lover? Do you enjoy listening to your favourite tunes in their original, unplugged versions? If so, then you’ll be delighted to hear about the Singer Nivas channel on the Pepul app. His channel on Pepul offers a unique opportunity to experience the unplugged versions of some of your favourite melodies of all time. The channel features a selection of songs from a variety of genres, including classical, pop, melody and more. One of the most special parts of this channel is that the creator makes them sound fresh and different from the versions you’re used to hearing.

Here are some of the top exclusive videos from Singer Nivas Channel on the Pepul app:

  • The melody of the 90s that rules our heart 
  • A song that touches your heart 
  • The musical challenge

Check out the Singer Nivas channel on the Pepul app to enjoy a musical journey by experiencing the songs in their rawest forms while appreciating the true beauty of each track.

RV Exclusive

RV Exclusive

The second creator under Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Kalaimamani Rajhesh Vaidhya. Rajhesh Vaidhya is a musician, a master of Veena, a musical stalwart and also a creator on the Pepul app. He has been composing and performing Indian classical music for over three decades and shares some of the inevitable masterpieces of the latest and memorable songs on his musical channel “RV Exclusive” on the Pepul app.

As a lifelong music enthusiast, he shares all the impassioned songs close to our hearts along with each of its own special story to tell that has become a part of his musical journey. His compositions on the Pepul app are based upon traditional Carnatic ragas thereby, bringing out the emotion and sentiment of each piece. One of his masterpiece videos that are exclusively available on the Pepul app is “High energy song with Veena.”

Subscribe to his channel RV Exclusiveon the Pepul app to enjoy a musical ride marked by exquisite melodies, impactful songs and catchy tunes that have captivated audiences all over the world.



The third creator under Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Vasudha Ravi. A well-known artist in the field of Carnatic music is Vasudha Ravi. With her channel “Isai” on the Pepul app, you can learn the nuances of music and classical singing and thereby, feed your passion towards singing classical music without any offline sessions.

With her expertise in the music industry, her channel is the perfect place to learn the basics of classical singing and music theory. It features a variety of music tutorials, covering topics such as vocal technique, voice strengthening, breath control exercises and many more. Her tutorials are designed to help beginners learn the fundamentals of classical singing and are suitable for everyone else, regardless of their experience level. In addition to her music tutorials, she also provides helpful tips and advice now and then on her videos to improve your singing skills. She shares popular songs that use different ragas making it easy for the audience to quickly pick up different music lessons.

Check out her most popular exclusive videos on her “Isai” channel on the Pepul app which gives you an insight into the world of classical singing:

  • Basic aspects of music
  • Introduction to raagam
  • Voice strengthening!
  • Exploring music ourselves
  • Finding your inner music

Master the art of singing classical music with the exclusive music learning videos of the Isai channel on the Pepul app.

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Nikhil Mathew Exclusive

Nikhil Mathew Exclusive

The fourth creator under Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Nikhil Mathew. He is a singer, performer and creator on the Pepul app. With Nikhil Mathew Exclusive’s channel on the Pepul app, you can go deeper into the music, truly appreciate its beauty, and soak all your senses in it.

Listening to the unplugged versions of your favourite songs can be a truly unique and rewarding experience. On his channel, he has compiled some of the most beautiful unplugged melodies and songs of all time to make sure that you get the most out of your musical experience. With his exclusive music videos, you can caress each and every note by letting you walk through different emotions and feelings. His melodies will create a soothing and calming experience to all the music enthusiasts out there.

Check out some of the top exclusive videos in his “Nikhil Mathew Exclusive” channel on the Pepul app:

  • A breeze that touches your heart 
  • Three legends in 1 song 
  • The magical singer S.P. Balasubramaniam

Sway to the exclusive music on the Nikhil Mathew Exclusive‘ channel on the Pepul app to watch and enjoy a musical journey.

Songs made with my style

Songs Made With My Style

The fifth creator under the Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is Kirthana. She is a singer, songwriter, and music director as well as a creator on the Pepul app. In her Pepul creator channel “Songs made with my style,” you can learn various stages of songwriting and music composing.

Music production is a form of art that requires a great deal of creativity, imagination, and skill to create a beautiful piece of work. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, her channel on the Pepul app will help you learn the basics of music production and get you started on creating your own unique musical journey. Songs are indeed beautiful to listen to. But what’s more interesting is creating a song step-by-step in our own style. So, if you are passionate about singing or wonder how different songs are made, you can learn a lot of such things from her simple and easy-to-follow songwriting style.

Some of the must-watch exclusive videos on her channel “Songs made with my style” on the Pepul app:

  • How to get the right inspiration for lyrics?
  • Expectations of the audience from your song
  • 1 element to add a WOW effect to your song

Subscribe to her channel Songs made with my style on the Pepul app to create amazing pieces of music to help you take your music to the next level with her exclusive videos on the journey of songwriting and music composing.

On The Streets of Chennai

On the Streets Of Chennai

The final top creator under the Tamil Nadu Music Creators List is “On the Streets of Chennai.” This creator channel on the Pepul app is a street music community with 800+ musicians performing across the city of Chennai. 

As a music lover, you will be thrilled to come across this vibrant and diverse community of 800+ musicians from Chennai who have been performing across the city for many years. From classical to folk music, these talented artists bring you joy and enthusiasm with their virtual treat of street concerts. In their channel “On The Streets of Chennai” on the Pepul app, these musicians share their exclusive videos of music along with their instruments and fill our hearts with beautiful melodies and captivating beats. 

Some of the best exclusive videos from this high-energy music community on the Pepul app:

  • The Duo in Red 
  • Rahman to Raja
  • Bandish at the Beach
  • Medley of Retro Beats
  • An evergreen song that warms our hearts

Subscribe to the channel On The Streets of Chennai‘ to have an incredible experience with the harmony of the music leaving you feeling uplifted and inspired.

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